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Grobots is a real-time cross platform strategy programming game ...

grobot battle!


Grobots is a real-time strategy programming game, in which you write programs to control teams of robots as they forage, reproduce and fight. It runs on Mac OS X, Windows, and (without graphics) Linux. Read the overview or look at some screenshots to learn what's going on.

The programs that control the robots are called sides, and are written in a simple dialect of Forth. There are many sides to play with, and tournament results to ponder. (The current champion is RK Bertha.)

The learning curve is steep, and the documentation is, unfortunately, poor. We're moving it to a wiki, so you can help fix this.

The main discussion forum is the mailing list. If you have a new side you want to show to other users or enter in tournaments, send it there, or post it to the wiki. The authors like to hear from users, but can be very slow to respond.

Grobots is free software licensed under the GPL. Maintenance from the original authors has been sporadic, but you can do it yourself: download source and binaries.


Grobots is free software distributed under the GNU General Public License. There are currently four builds:

    Mac OS X. If you're a new user, get the starter kit, which includes some sides and a copy of the documentation. (This runs on both PPC and x86.)
    Windows. If you're a new user, get the starter kit, which includes some sides.
    Windows Headless. This has no GUI, but it can run tournaments.
    Linux x86 Headless. This may be useful for people with fast Linux machines and slow other ones, to run tournaments. You can't learn the game with just headless, though.


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