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SlimBoat is a Fast & Full-Featured Web Browser for Windows, Linux & Mac

Fast & Full-Featured Web Browser for Windows, Linux & Mac
fast web browser height=48Super Fast Shorter startup time, faster web page browsing powered by efficient webkit engine.convenient web browser height=48Efficient and Easy-to-use Reduce time waste,  keyboard & mouse entries with by doing everything automatically.
powerful web browser height=48Powerful and Versatile SlimBoat integrates more features and functions than any other internet browsersecure web browser height=48Secure and Safe Securely store logins & passwords, easily erase all traces,   block obtrusive ads & popups.

Major features
web browser form filler & password manager height=32Intelligent Form Filler web browser internet download manager height=32Fast Internet Download Manager
Fill and save web forms automatically. Log into online accounts with a single click. The download manager lets you easily manage all download jobs in a central place.
facebook support in web browser height=32Convenient Facebook Integration download youtube video in web browser height=32Download Youtube Video to MP4
Easily share a page, a picture or a piece of text on any page among your friends on facebook. Download any youtube videos with specified quality and format to your local hard drive.
ad blocker - web browser software height=32 Block Annoying Ads with Ad Blocker site group - web browser software height=32Open Multiple Sites As Site Group
Eliminates obtrusive advertisements from web pages. Save  memory and bandwidth![/q][/t][/t]
Save and open a number of sites together as a group with a single click in the web browser.
web page translation in web browser software height=32Web Page and Text Translation web report / weather forecast / weather condition in web browser height=31Weather Condition & Weather Forecast
Select and translate any piece of text within any web page between any two languages
Display currrent weather condition and weather forecast directly on the browser window.[/t][/t]
web browser quick search height=32Quick Search web browser software popup blocker Block Popups  with Popup Blocker
One-click access to pre-defined search engines. Easily create your own search engines. Kills annoying popup and pop-under ads. It helps you surf the web without being disturbed.
web browser software skin height=32Various Application Styles web browser service height=32Integrate with Popular Web Services
Support different application styles to emulate the appearance of Windows, Linux and Mac. Integrate with Ttwitter, Google Plus, Blogger, Wordpress, Gmail, Hotmail,  StumbleUpon, etc.

System Requirements
  • SlimBoat Web Browser for Windows
     Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Windows 2003/2005/2008/2012.
  • SlimBoat Web Browser for Mac
     Mac OS X 10.6 or later (Snow leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion)
  • SlimBoat Web Browser for Linux
     Compatible Linux distributions: Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, RHEL, CentOS, Mint, SUSE, Slackware, etc.

 Freeware License SlimBoat is a free web browser release under freeware license. It is free for both personal and commercial use. It is free to be distributed on and off the internet  in its original form.


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