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  • SeaMonkey 2.17 SeaMonkey 2.17 was created by iPhone geeks and lovers FOR iPhone people!

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[/size]About iSmashPhone 

When the iPhone was released in 2007, the standard for the mobile device skyrocketed. Not only did the iPhone outsell any other cell phone, but it completely redefined the market. As Steve Jobs said, “The Apple iPhone is 5 years ahead of its time.” Once the iPhone hit the streets (and was jailbroken), a whole new microcosm was created. The whole consumer world was in a frenzy over iPhone news, reviews, apps, web apps, tips, hacks, and everything else.

And that is the spirit in which was created. This site is updated daily and brings you the freshest information in the iPhone world. We are dedicated to keeping you up to date and in the know. is a reputable site, having been featured on major tech sites such as Engadget, Gizmodo, Life Hacker, and Boy Genius Report on multiple occasions.

Our main goal is finding, creating, and breaking original stories.

Our Writer and Editors:
Armen, Editorial Director:  A management professional with leadership experience in designing, implementing, and managing computer systems. Most importantly, he’s a tremendous fan of technology and gadgets, with a specific interest in the Apple iPhone. Armen is available for iPhone application marketing, branding, and consulting. He’s also available for speaking engagements and consultation on topics related to blogging, corporate blogging, and online marketing.
Mike, Staff Writer: Michael has been interested in science and technology since his childhood, and has a particular fascination with Apple’s extraordinary products. He is a full time college student, and greatly enjoys blogging about the iPhone.
Dactyl Anapest, Staff Writer: Dactyl Anapest works full-time as a video editor; other than that, he does not exist, and any writings attributed to him are actually the work of a sentient iPhone app that escaped from the Dev-Team labs.
Tanya Palta, Staff Writer: Tanya Palta  has been a  freelance writer for more than 3 years now. She likes to keep her creative juices flowing and hence dabbles  in architecture photography too when not practicing her penmanship. Failing miserably in the big bad corporate world, Tanya has found her niche in the online media sphere. Her passions include indie music, globe trotting with her Canon DSLR and lusting after the latest gadgets.
Jacob “8-Bit Jay” Lopez, Editor: Jay started writing about gaming almost three years ago. For a long time, he resisted the iPhone gaming space. Eventually, Jay had to acknowledge Apple’s mobile devices as a viable gaming platform. That’s when he found iSmashPhone and was first brought on to bring his gaming perspective into the site. Eventually, he started taking an interest in the device itself. 
Now you can find him writing about anything from iPhone games to jailbreak to what Steve Jobs wrote in his last email to a rabid Apple fan. If it’s news, he’s usually interested.


This Site was Opened on January 1st, 2007

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