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Audiko offers you a free iPhone Ring Tone maker - plus tons of Sounds/Ringtones! Droid or iPhone Apps for Ringtone Management, Too!

Audiko offers you a free ringtone maker as well as an opportunity to download ringtones for iPhone and mobile phones of any kind. You have an opportunity to create or download them directly to your iPhone and other mobile devices using thousands of new top chart hits appearing at Audiko every day.

There are several pieces of every track for you to choose exactly your favourite part to sound when your phone calls. You can choose and download free ringtones both to your PC and your mobile device. It's easy - browse audio and video tracks by genres, artists, albums, videos.

We also offer you to make you own ringtones from any audio or video file you like. Upload any media file (mp3, m4a, ogg, flac, aac, m4r, mp4, m4p, m4b, mp2, wma, wav, flv, mov formats supported), use a "cutter" option to select a moment you want, and get an mp3 or m4a ring tone for your phone.

No special desktop-based software is needed anymore, as you can do it all online. Upload your tracks and use them any time, and let others use them as well. Just log in and transmit these pieces of music as your mobile or iPhone ringtones.

If you want a direct download to your iOS or Android device you can get an Audiko app for any of these OS. The app is easy to use and allows free download of all the scope of interesting musical and FX sounds for call, email, SMS signals.

 Audiko offer free and at the same time simple and advanced ringtone app for Android OS. This application can do anything you may need from a ringtone app:

    Millions of ringtones to choose;
    Free download directly to your smartphone;
    Assigning to contacts or action right inside the app (setting as a default ringtone, SMS alert, alarm sound, or a ringtone for a specific contact or group of contacts);
    Convenient search;
    Categorization by genres, national charts etc.
    Making collections of ringtones for future use;

Millions of free ringtones are available at your choice at Audiko. You can easily find a specific ringtone by a track name or artist name, or browse through the lists of national musical charts to get an idea what music you would like to hear each time somebody calls your Android smartphone, sends you an SMS. If you want a cheery melody to wake you up in the morning, just find something loud and good enough to make your day from the very morning. Want a cool notification sound? Just choose SMS Alerts and choose from numerous variations of clicks, plops, creaks, cracks, splashes, rings, hits, punches or whatever strange sounds you'd like to use to entertain yourself or your friends. You can customize ringtone collection using our free ringtone app for Android so all of your contacts would sound correspondingly. Work, friends, family members - let them sound individually!

Get full access to Audiko ringtones directly from your iPhone with Cydia app.
Manual installation

    Go to Cydia from iPhone select Search and enter Unlimtones
    Proceed with the installation

Cydia URL:   cydia://package/com.i4iphones.unlimtones

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