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StaxRip is open source video converter GUI with a wide range of supported source and target formats. Very Popular!!!!


StaxMedia is the home of StaxRip. StaxRip is a MPEG-4 frontend useful to convert a wide range of source formats into MPEG-4.

Frequently Asked Questions

   How do I encode with a particular bit rate?

2pass mode allows to specify a bit rate and file size, quality mode doesn't, it works with a rate factor and requires only a single pass. Other terms for quality mode are constant quality or CRF mode in x264.
Slow and dark sources compress better then colorful sources with a lot action so a short, slow and dark movie requires a smaller file size then a long, colorful source with a lot action and movement.
Quality mode works with a rate factor that gives comparable quality regardless of how well a movie compresses so it's not using a constant bit rate but adjusts the bit rate dynamically. Quality mode is much easier to use then 2pass mode which requires a longer encoding time due to 2 passes and a compressibility check to be performed to determine a reasonable image and file size which also requires more expertise.
It's a common misconception that 2pass mode is more efficient than quality mode. The only benefit of 2pass mode is hitting a exact file size. Encoding in quality mode using a single pass will result in almost equal quality compared to a 2pass encode assuming the file size is identical of course.
Quality mode is ideal for hard drive storage and 2pass mode is ideal for size restricted mediums like CD's and DVD's. If you are still not sure which mode to use then it's probably better to use quality mode.
For x264 the encoding mode can be changed in the x264 dialog on the Basic tab.

   Can I encode using a fixed bitrate in batch mode?

By design the bitrate gets adjusted according the size and length. In most cases it makes more sense to use quality mode or 2pass mode targeting a size. It's still possible to use a fixed bitrate when using x264. It works by adding the --bitrate switch manually in the command line tab of the x264 dialog. Whenever a switch appears two times in a x264 command line, x264 will use the second one, that's how the parser works which is helpful for this purpose.

   How do I execute a command line after a project was encoded?

  • Choose Main Menu > Tools > Event Commands
  • Add a new Event Command
  • Select event: After Project Encoded
  • Select command: Perform | Execute Command Line
  • Enter your command line, use macros if you need info like the file name.
Most relevant macro is the path of the target file: %target_file%


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