Author Topic: Fight Win Prevail is a vehicle-based multiplayer first person shooter.  (Read 1655 times)

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Fight Win Prevail is a vehicle-based multiplayer first person shooter for Windows or Linux.

2006-06-26 12:00 • Project closed - for the time being!

Our little game project has been languishing for months now, because the team was busy with things that pay the rent. Having graduated, we now have to work for money. ;)

We were trying to assemble a new team to continue the project - unfortunately without success. Under these circumstances, we deem it best to grant the project a quick and dignified death. So we're going down a path many open-source games have gone before and close the project as it stands now.

We had much fun creating this game, and we hope at least some guys had some fun playing it, too.
We'd also like to thank wickedlyslick for his work on the forums and the new homepage, although the effort on the latter was in vain in the end.
That was it, so long!


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