Author Topic: Meteorite is a MKV / Matroska file repair engine  (Read 2476 times)

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Meteorite is a MKV / Matroska file repair engine
« on: April 24, 2013, 11:10:51 PM »
Meteorite is a MKV / Matroska file repair engine

Meteorite is a program for repairing broken MKV streams. It scans MKV file than remove all broken sections from it.
After joining each frames together, you can watch your corrupted or half downloaded Matroska files at your favorite palyer.

Why did I make this program?
Because there is nothing similar. You cannot watch MKV videos if they corrupted once. MKV is great format.
Also gains big popularity with hidgh definition videos. Could have multiple stream in it. You can put covers into MKV file too!
But if its gona trash can once stream broken, those features do not means anything.

I searched alot and coudn't find any algorithm / code for fixing matroska.

Since I already made DivFix++ for fixing avi streams, I questioned myself if I couldn't make same thing
to Matroska too. But Matroska format more complex than AVI that makes hard to make such a program from scratch,
this why no one could make similar.

So I stared to work on Matroska file specification format.
Than started to programming small sections and think about how could I implement things. It's not hard as it looks but Meteorite doesn't
work as intended. There is small glitches those cannot recognized from most of users.

I release source code to public on my bhirtday to give a gift to humanity. Bit never compleeted engine after.
I paused the project due project and cannot restart again...

I heard that Matroska file format changed slightly and Meteorite started to fail on half of MKVs any more.
Also on windows platform, there is "Nothing Doing Bug". I am planning to fix them in 2011..
Thanks for reading.


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