Author Topic: iHaxGamez is the tool for cheating your games on the Mac OS X  (Read 1905 times)

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iHaxGamez is the tool for cheating your games on the Mac OS X
« on: October 18, 2014, 05:56:10 PM »
iHaxGamez is the tool for cheating your games on the Mac OS X

iHaxGamez is the tool for cheating your games on the Mac. The current release runs on OS X 10.4 and above.

August 7, 2012: I’ve gotten a few emails stating that, “Mountain Lion Won’t Open iHaxGamez.”
With Mountain Lion, by default, you can't run a program that you downloaded from the Internet. However, there are a few ways to bypass that. I wanted to describe the simplest way, that does not reduce your Mac's security.


  • (1) Use finder to locate the iHaxGamez application (Did you put it in your Applications folder, perhaps?)

  • (2) Right-click on the icon so that the context menu pops up. (The menu appears next to your mouse pointer.)

  • (3) Choose "Open".

  • (4) Tell OS X that iHaxGamez is not evil. (Once you tell OS X to allow it, iHaxGamez will run the normal way from that point, on.)




May 6, 2012: A few people are having problems hacking Flash based applications running from their web browser. In older version of OS X, you simply attached to the browser’s process. However, the newer browsers wrap flash based applications in a sandbox application. Therefore you need to connect to the sandbox application, instead of the browser application. To determine the name and process number of the sandbox, follow these instructions.


  • (1) Run "Activity Monitor" from your utilities folder

  • (2) Make sure the "PID" column is visible - if not, from the menu, choose "View" -> "Columns" -> "Process Id"

  • (3) Sort by the PID column with higher numbers on top (click the word PID in the column headers until the higher number is in the first row)

  • (4) Run your browser and go the the page where you launch your game. (If you look at Activity Monitor, the browser will be listed near the top)

  • (5) Launch your game

  • (6) Look at Activity Monitor. There will be one sandbox process for your game and probably a couple more for each advertisement flash app running.

  • (7) Your game is one of the top processes with a PID number higher than your browser. You may have to search multiple processes at a time to determine which is the game, and which is the advertisement


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