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CybOrg, the Cybercafe Organizer, is a point of sales and administration system for internet cafes

What is CybOrg?
CybOrg, the Cybercafe Organizer, is a point of sales and administration system for internet cafes distributed under the GPL. It has a web-based interface and is written in Perl using Template Toolkit and a RDBMS. CybOrg uses a Win32/Linux client to lock workstations.
The system is intended to be used in a (possibly Linux) server and Windows or Linux clients. To lock workstations it currently uses the Zeiberbude client.

The requirements are: A SQL-compliant RDBMS (PostgreSQL is used by the development team and fully supported), a Perl-capable system (Linux is preferred) a HTTP CGI-capable server and some Perl modules (Template Toolkit and others...).
The client runs on any Win32 or Linux  system.

Getting CybOrg
To get the current version of CybOrg (0.1.18) you must go to the Sourceforge project's page. You can also visit the CybOrg page at Freshmeat.
To get the client (for Win32 or Linux) you must download the Zeiberbude client (zbdesk). It can be obtained both from our Sourceforge project page (we have included zbdesk as a separated download) and from the Zeiberbude distribution.

Supported languages
Currently supported languages are:
  • English (en) (interface and documentation)
  • Spanish (es) (interface and documentation)
  • Dutch (nl) (interface)
  • Portuguese (pt) (interface)
  • Brazilian portuguese (pt_BR) (interface and documentation)
  • German (de) (interface)
  • Greek (el) (interface)
We want to have CybOrg translated to many languages as possible. To make a new translation, just copy the file "en" under the "lang" directory as your language ISO code and translate the strings (please, pay attention to the syntax of the file). When finished, email the file to

Feedback and Support
We are pleased to receive feedback, questions and contributions. Please, use the project's support forums at Sourceforge.
We are also looking for economical support. So, if you have a cybercafe in Argentina, and you are interested in getting CybOrg adapted to your requirements you can contact us at

The CybOrg Development Team wish to thanks the Zeiberbude Project for its inspiration (an, of course, its client!).
We also want to thanks to the free-libre software community for providing the excellent tools we are using.


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