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Omnitux has many educational activities based on multimedia elements for Linux or Windows

Welcome to Omnitux !  The project aims to provide various educational activities around multimedia elements (images, sounds, texts)

 Types of activities 
  • Associations,
  • items to place on a map or a schema,
  • counting activities,
  • puzzles,
  • card faces to remember,
  • ...


  • Customization : Omnitux activities are described in XML files. Thus, you can modify or create your own activities without having to change the program. (howto customize)
  • Support for high resolution bitmap images (JPG, PNG) and scalable vector images (SVG).
  • Use of maximum available fullscreen resolution ensures good graphical rendering on any computer type, from little netbook display to high end 26" wide screen.
  • Multiple languages support :
    • German
    • English
    • French
    • Italian
    • Polish
    • Portuguese
    • Spanish
  • Available for Linux and Microsoft Windows.
  • Exclusive "Tux rewards system" : you'll win a great Tux (from for each completed activity.

License In a word : Omnitux is free !

 Program files are released under the GNU GPL license by Olav_2.
 Most multimedia elements included in the game come from various authors (eg: from Wikipedia), they are licensed under compatible free licenses.
See contributors for more information.


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