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Jalmus is music education software helping to improve their sight-reading in JAVA

Jalmus is a free, open source music education software helping the musicians, specially pianists, to improve their sight-reading. You can train to read music with both exercises on notes or rhythms.

Jalmus is developed in Java and so available on Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Jalmus is a multilingual software supporting - English, French, Spanish, Italian, Danish and German : help us to translate it in your language.

Jalmus also provides some buying guides that will allow you to compare complete features, user reviews and prices of all musical instruments :

- Keyboards : digital pianos, masterkeyboards, synthesizers ...
- Guitars and basses : electric guitars (Stratocaster, Telecaster, Les Paul, SG ...), acoustic guitars (classical, steel strings guitars ...), basses ...
- Woodwinds : clarinets (Boehm or Öhler for Germany and Austria), saxophones (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone), flutes and piccolos, double reed instruments (oboe, bassoon, English Horn ...).

23 avril 2013 : Jalmus is discontinued

I’ve stopped to develop and maintain Jalmus Software. It was a great experience and I hope my little work was useful for some musicians to learn read music.

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PS : I’ve just fixed on version 2.3 the rest breve and semibreve inversion on Score Reading


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