Author Topic: Cubosphere is a freeware game similar to the PSX game "Kula World" / "Roll Away"  (Read 7541 times)

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Cubosphere is a freeware game similar to the PSX game "Kula World" / "Roll Away" Won't work with Mac OS X 10.14 "Mojave" or Above

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Cubosphere - Retro Warpzone

Description  Goal of this project is a freeware game similar to the PSX game "Kula World" / "Roll Away". It is designed platform independent, written in C++ and using the following libraries: OpenGL, SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer), libjpeg, LUA, GLSL-Shader.

  • game similar to Kula World
  • over 450 levels in 34 different designs!
  • Beta 0.3 lot of new stuff like magnets, gravity changers and so on
  • multiball feature and two-player-mode
  • Internal level editor !
  • 3d-Engine via OpenGL
  • GLSL-Shaders
  • Joystick/Gamepad support
  • Lua-Scripts to design own textures and behaviors
  • currently with English, German and Danish translations


FOR THOSE HAVING PROBLEMS WITH THE LEVEL EDITOR ON MAC Having thoroughly enjoyed this game I got really into the level editor. To my horror, I couldn't find the *.ldef files anywhere, and the documentation only mentions PC and Linux. I eventually discovered the files in a HIDDEN folder at username$:.Cubosphere\Levels Any chance this could be added to the editor manual?
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