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Read the Bible is Software for reading and studying the Bible for Mac or Windows

Read the Bible - version 5  Software for reading and studying the Bible
Official site

General information The main purpose of Read the Bible 5 is to add more to the existing freeware software for reading and studying the Bible:

  • Cross-platform (for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux).
  • Present as many Bulgarian translations of the Bible as possible.
  • Show every translation of the Bible in such a way that is as close to the original as possible - with all specific elements for each translation: titles of the books, the same chapter and verse numeration, all available footnotes and so on
  • Quick search for words and phrases.
  • Display in separate windows separate or synchronized parts from different translations of the Bible.
  • Redirect to other software that the user can also use.
  • User-friendly interface that makes this software extremely easy to use.

Read the Bible 5 is a successor of "CD Bible - version 4.3", but presents totally new implementation that builds upon the ideas and files from previous versions.

You can see which Bible translations are included at these screenshots.

Read the Bible 5 is a cross-platform open-source software distributed under the (GPL) license, coded in C++ using Qt - a high-quality and powerful library that has also been used to produce other Bible software, for example CrossBgBible, Bulgarian Linux Bible, BibleTime).

If you would like to download the software go directly to the section Download.

The project team is open to volunteers so that we can achieve our goal - to create software that is user-friendly, cross-platform, unique with its features to study, quote and display the Bible.

At the time of writing this, the following people have participated in this project:
Vanyo Georgiev - author of Read the Bible 3.4, programmer and site administrator;
Teodor Bahchevanov - graphic designer, author of the logo and icon;
Peter Chervenkov - text typing;
Deyan Pavlov - translation in English.

If you wish to take part in the work, read how to Contribute".

All published versions so far are "alpha", meaning they are in development process and not finished. Yet they are totally usable and stable to a large degree. Features corresponding to those of version 4.3 will be added in the future. Along with that, and even with higher priority, new features are being developed that will make the software even more comfortable to use, for example it will be able to download on its own all needed Bible translations, to update itself automatically and so on.

Until all features of 4.3 are implemented in version 5 you can use both version at the same time, at least on Windows XP. For that purpose an item has been added to the menu of version 5 ("Windows - Version 4.3"). You can use both versions, at least under Windows XP, until all features of version 4.3 are added in version 5. For that purpose there is a menu item that was added in version 5, in menu "Windows" there is a command "Version 4.3", it will open version 4.3 and if it is not installed, then 4.3 can be automatically downloaded and installed. Thus, it is not necessary anymore to go through the complicated way of installing modules in version 4.3, one after another. Version 4.3 will use the translations that are downloaded by version 5.0. The rest of the modules of version 4.3 (dictionaries and illustrations), that are not yet added to version 5.0, will have to be downloaded and installed manually from the page of modules download.
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