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Popeye is a chess problem solving and testing software including Fairy Chess


Popeye is a chess problem solving and testing software with strong support for fairy chess and heterodox genres.


New fairy conditions
Circe Take&Make (aka Anti-Take&Make)
Magic square type 2
Marine Chess and Ultramarine Chess

New fairy pieces
Marine Knight
Marine Pawn
Marine Ship

Bug fixes
- Messigny chess: special captures (ep and capture as goal) now work
- Geneva Chess: removed the influence on observation in Madrasi, Patrol Chess etc.
- Annan Chess: no more spurious en passant captures and duplicate castlings
- Marguerite: no more duplicate moves
- File Circe: Rex inclusive is now respected
- Intelligent mode: stalemate solutions where the white king moves to block a black pawn are found again
- Option MaxSolutions: is respected agian in hs stipulations
- Circe Parrain: castling is now supported
- Royal Dynasty: castling is now properly disabled while kings aren't royal
- Twinning by piece change correctly adjusts the set of allowed promotees again
- A=>B: can now be tested with neutral pieces
- sstip: various stipulations previously unheard of work now

In addition, many combinations of fairy elements should now work better than before, e.g.
- Singlebox Type1 and Magic pieces
- Anticirce combined with many other conditions
- Maximummer,Minimmumer etc. and many other fairy conditions and goals
- Take&Make and many other fairy conditions
- Cage Circe and neutral pieces
- Eiffel Chess and neutral pieces
- Madrasi and neutral pieces
- ActuatedRevolvingBoard and neutral pieces
- Mars Circe with royal pawns
- EquipollentsCirce and Sentinelles
- Circe and Koeko
- Patrol Chess and paralysing pieces

Twin Mirror a8<-->h1 corrected

Other changes
Fairy effects are written more consistently:
- effects are written in the order that they are executed
- effects are written with less redundancy
More elaborate handling of undecidable situations in carelessly specified fairy conditions
Removed Andernach grasshopper (is just a HurdleColourChanging Grasshopper)

Special thanks to
Hans-Peter Reich
Julia Vysotska
Nicolas Dupont

2013-05-05 TM


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