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SleepyHead is open-source, cross platform, sleep tracking software for CPAP usage

About SleepyHead

SleepyHead is open-source, cross platform, sleep tracking software by JediMark with a focus on monitoring CPAP treatment.

It currently works with data capable versions of the following machines:
  • Philips Respironics System One
  • ResMed S9 families
  • DeVilbiss Intellipap
  • Fisher & Paykel Icon support is coming soon!
You can also use Contec CMS50 (USB serial) oximeters, as well as ResMed S9's oximeter attachment.
SleepyHead is currently in Beta release..

   Latest Version  Latest test build is a little stale, a new version is being worked on (as of 17/01/2013) and should be out soon. New features being worked on include PRS1 60 series support, and some Mac stability and performance improvements, particularly to do with Mountain Lion.
0.9.1 was the first official beta!
0.9.2 is out, but it's just minor bug fixes, available as an update..
Release notes for this new beta build can be read here.

  Windows Now available with an actual installer for Windows here.
To update to 0.9.2 from 0.9.1, you may need to right-click on the icon and run as administrator for the update to work.. (Windows permissions will mess up otherwise.)

  Mac users Jimbo's (James Marshall's) Mac builds of SleepyHead can be obtained here.
There may be some problems upgrading from the 0.9.0 version.. It may help if you first purge CPAP machine data first from the data menu, before installing the new version, and then reimporting the data again.

  Linux users A couple of Ubuntu (.deb) builds are available, thanks to John Masters: Linux Releases
There is a installer test (.run) version that may work with other recent distros.
For alternative distro's/platforms you still may need to build from source

   Documentation  SleepyHead Users Guide
Frequently Asked Questions
Glossary of Sleep Disorder/Treatment Terms
Supported Hardware


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