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DoNotTrackMe is to stop identity thieves, advertisers, social networks, and spammers from tracking you.

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1. What is DoNotTrackMe (DNTMe)?

    DNTMe is a simple yet effective browser tool that blocks the tracking capabilities of advertisers, social networks, and data-collection companies. DNTMe helps you restore your online privacy and regain control over who sees what you are doing online, stop annoying pop up ads and other targeted advertising, and load certain websites up to 4 times faster.

2. How does DNTMe work?

    When you visit a website, that site tells your browser to contact all sorts of other companies to get information about what you do and who you are. DNTMe stops that data collection from happening by preventing your browser from communicating with these companies.

3. Which browsers does DNTMe support?

    We currently support Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari. We do not have any mobile offerings yet, but we're working on it in the future.

4. How do I know if DNTMe is installed correctly?

    If this toolbar icon appears in the top right corner of your browser, you're good to go:
    If you don't see the icon, click here for installation instructions.

5. Do I have to do anything to set up DNTMe?

    No. By default, DNTMe is set to block all tracking. To see all the tracking companies you're blocking, click on "settings."

6. Does DNTMe block ads?

    DNTMe is not designed to be ad-blocking software. Our goal is to block targeted advertising that uses your personal information to send you tailored advertising. We are not against websites trying to make money through contextual advertising, which shows you ads based on the content on the website you’re currently viewing. Contextual advertising does not abuse your personal information.

    Any ad-blocking we do is a byproduct of the way the website displays ads. If you see a large amount of ads being blocked, let us know and we'll investigate.

7. How do you make money?

    You probably want to know how we make money as a leader in privacy protection without compromising your data. Quite simply, we rely on users liking and trusting our free software enough to try our paid solutions such as DeleteMe. You can learn more about DeleteMe here:

    Our hope is that some of you will find value in these enhanced privacy services. As you might have guessed, we don't do advertising or data mining of any sort, ever. We aren’t the typical online company that makes money by advertising, selling data, or in other ways that reduce your privacy.


1. Are you compatible with mobile phones, iPads, Opera, etc.?

    Currently our products are not compatible with mobile sites and devices, but a mobile version is under development. If you would like to be notified about product updates, please sign up for email updates here.

2. Are you compatible with Mac and/or PC?

    Yes, DNTMe is compatible with both Mac and PC on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari browsers. If you visit our download site here, it will recognize which browser you are using automatically.

3. When can we see DNTMe on smartphones and tablets?

    We currently cannot develop DNTMe for mobile smartphones and tablets due to technology limitations, but we are actively working on other mobile products. To receive updates on our newest mobile products, please join our mailing list here

DNTMe Layout

1. What does the number in my DNTMe icon mean?

    That number shows you how many tracking companies are trying to monitor your activity.

    For example, a 10 means that there are a total of 10 social networks and other companies trying to gather information about you from the site you're currently visiting.

2. Where can I find the websites that are tracking me?

    Click on the toolbar icon to open the privacy alert window, then select any one of the three different tracking method categories to get a full list of the websites that are trying to track you.

    The tracking method you select will expand, and you'll see a list of company ids like these:
    Blocked Companies

3. What is the exclamation point?

    The exclamation point is an alert to inform our users about certain sites or trackers that are common on websites. We also keep users up to date if sites like Facebook or Twitter have changed their privacy policy. While they aren't the most transparent about these changes, we try to keep our users as up to date as possible. Look for the exclamation point for further information from our blog or relevant news stories.

About Internet Privacy

1. What's the difference between social buttons and companies?

    Brace yourself: it's about to get a little complicated.

    Social buttons connect with websites that focus on building social relationships (like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) and help members easily share content, interests, and activities with their contacts. With social buttons, social networks are able to track your activity across the internet.

    Tracking companies provide individual website owners with tools to analyze and monitor the visitors that come to their sites. These analytics networks collect data on how long you stayed on a site, what you clicked on, where you went before and after your visit, and more. Some of these companies are advertising networks that share information across many different sites. They collect data, display advertising, place cookies, and do a variety of other things as a paid service for their clients. Typically, the customer who buys from an ad network is a publisher who's interested in displaying targeted marketing content on many different websites.

2. Who are these tracking companies?

    You probably don't recognize most of the company ids you see in DNTMe, which is just the way they want it. Lucky for you, we've compiled a detailed list of the tracking companies that we block along with comprehensive information on each of them. To understand exactly how tracking companies work, check out our online guide.

3. How do I know I can trust Abine?

    Abine is a BBB accredited business, with reviews in CNET and other major publications such as the Wall Street Journal and Forbes -- We've compiled them online here. You can also learn more about our executive team and backers here.

4. How do I know that Abine is not tracking me?

    DNTMe does not track any of your web activity. It has no ability to collect data about what sites you visit or any other web behavior. The tool can save your personal settings and preferences, but those are stored locally on your computer and are not visible to us.

    Our software is built entirely around the principle of privacy. We have no ability to track our users. You can verify this fact yourself by using an app that monitors the requests made for your computer's information throughout the day, such as Live HTTP Headers (which we don't make and aren't affiliated with). You will be able to see those requests and what they entail.

    You can also see in our Privacy policy that we "will not track, store, or transmit information about users' behavioral data (to include web browsing activity) to any third party;" and we "will only use and store data for the purpose that you provided it, or in ways that are obvious and necessary for the tools or services you're using.
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