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Multiplication Flash will help your kids to learn basic math much easier. For Windows

Multiplication Flash description:
Multiplication Flash (mFlash) is just a way to save the mess, bother, and expense of paper flashcards. And I think the kids enjoy the feedback and noises. Anything you can do to encourage, you know . . .

Multiplication Flash application will help your kid's to learn much easier basic math.

You can turn of the sound ("good job" or "shucks" sort of sounds -- a few dozen different ones). You can choose to work on a particular number; for instance, pick "Number 7" if you are having trouble with your sevens. Or just leave the dropdown box on "All Numbers" if you would rather have random problems.

As far as basic usage goes -- you enter the number you think is the correct answer in the "Type Answer" box, then either hit the keyboard "Enter" key, or click the "Enter" Button. (The "Next" button in the above screenshot is a green Enter button that changes to a yellow Next button after a correct answer is given.)

Hitting the keyboard "Enter" after the Next button is displayed will also move you to the next problem.

License:     Freeware
 Price:    FREE
 OS:    Windows All
 Size:    3.97 MB
 Last Updated:    March 7th, 2007, 15:59 GMT 

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