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Farm of the Dead is a Slow paced 3rd person strategy puzzler

February 1st, 2013
Farm of the Dead
studio: UpTop Studios
team: Objection Games
genre: Strategy

Farm of the dead is a Slow paced 3rd person strategy puzzler that takes place on a farm bordered by a cemetery. As an evil necromancer you have risen from the grave and are attempting to recover your power from the multitudes of farm animals that stand between you and resurrection.

As a necromancer fallen from power you are raising the dead to attack a…farm? Yes a farm. The animals have not taken kindly your intrusion and have bolstered their defenses. Command and manage your units of ghosts, zombies, and skeletons, against these puzzlingly organized farm animals using the special abilities of each unit. From the graveyard to the farmhouse advance your army to reclaim your body and your power.

Game Info
setting: Comic     render: Direct X     physics: physicstype
competition: Puzzle     sound: FMOD     input: Direct Input

The Team
Michael Godfrey
Joe Blenis
Robert Munn
Tony Hsieh
Mathew Antonelli


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