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Computer Automated Traffic System (CATS) works with JMRI Advanced Model Railroad software! Written in Java.

You MUST install the JMRI Project first: then add these tools to the ones in JMRI.

Computer Automated Traffic System

This is the home page for the Computer Automated Traffic System (CATS), a suite of open source programs that provide signal logic on a model railroad. To download the software, scroll down on that page to the Code section. Click on the software link and read the license. Then scroll to the bottom of that page for links to the software, collected into zip files. The release zip file should be placed in the same folder as JMRI. It contains user documentation.

The impetus for this software was to implement CTC signaling on Pat Lana's Cedar River and Iowa Central Railway (not affiliated with the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Railway in any way). Pat's Crandic is an N scale model railroad, a bridge route between Kansas City and the mythical town of Pammelia, Iowa, with connections to Minneapolis/St. Paul and Chicago. Though the date is August, 1968, the railroad mangement has invested in a futuristic computer system using CRTs for dispatching traffic on the railroad. This program is the result of that investment.

Video of the Cedar River and Iowa Central, its CEO, and crew can be found at Dan's video page. A high speed Internet connection is needed because some of these are large. They are viewed through Quicktime, a free plugin from Apple Computer. The official Cedar River and Iowa Central home page is at Bob's page.

What is CATS?
CATS is open source software, written in Java and built on the work of the JMRI programmers (See the JMRI page). CATS is a JMRI application and not part of the JMRI toolset, so JMRI (and a Java Runtime Environment) are needed to run CATS.


    * a modern looking, "point and click" dispatcher panel
    * is a suite of programs, including a GUI editor for creating the panel
    * supports full interlocking of routes
    * handles complex interlocking plants through a graphical description
    * supports ABS, APB, DTC, and CTC signal disciplines
    * was developed by a model railroader interested in operations for model railroaders, so assists in the paperwork of an operating session
    * train labels follow block occupancy reports
    * drop down menus for trains, crews, and jobs can be customized
    * maintains a crew callboard and records assignments
    * tracks crew hours on the job
    * records train movements, with timestamps
    * uses JMRI, so can work with many different kinds of model railroad control systems
    * supports full connectivity (signals, occupancy, turnout feedback) to a layout
    * works as a "magnet board" (no connection to the layout)
    * works with partial connection to the layout
    * is written in Java, so runs on many kinds of computers
    * supports user defined aspects for indications based on 2 block/4 speed signaling

This screen capture is the Crandic dispatcher panel in operation.

Train Status Client:

A third member in the CATS suite of programs for supporting operations is a Train Status Client (TrainStat). It summarizes the information on the operating session trains in a tabular form, for use by yard masters or traffic managers. It is a separate Java application, run on the computer running CATS or networked computers.


    • Java Swing (tested with Java 1.5.0-22 and 1.6.0-20)
    • Release2007 works with JMRI 2.x through 2.5.3.  Release2008 (and later) work with JMRI 2.5.4 through 2.7.6. Release2013 works with JMRI 2.5.4 through 2.8.  Release 2022 works with JMRI 2.10. Release2035 works with JMRI 2.12. Release2036 works with JMRI 3.0.  Release2037 works with JMRI 3.3.1 

    • Except under special circumstances. CATS will be tied to JMRI production releases - not JMRI development releases.


    One more screen capture shows the train lineup pulldown.

    OK all you Scale Model railroad enthusiasts: Start your "Engines"!
    There are two open source and cross platform projects here that will let you fully integrate computers into your controller layouts: at least the SOFTWARE You need is FREE!

    I'm going to see if the San Diego Model Railroad Museum could use this master controlling system on their extensive layouts. They may already be using this - or they may never have heard of JMRI/CATS before.
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