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Dharma Internet Cafe Management is a cross platform client-server internet cafe system


A cross platform (Linux, Win32, Mac OsX) client-server internet cafe system written in RealBasic. Features include timing/billing, client management, membership, point of sale and reports. This project aim to ease administration of an internet cafe.


Dharmanet is a small netcafe located in West Jakarta. The story of Dharmanet begins in the early of 2004. January 24 is the exact date when the opening ceremony been held here in Jakarta.

The Dharma word actually often means the body of teachings expounded by the Buddha. In Indonesia it often use for one name. My father in law also use Dharma in his last name. I inspired to name this open source Dharma Internet Cafe Management.

In the first week of June 2005, most Internet Shop/Cafe in Indonesia migrated to Linux operating system (me too). There also still use Microsoft Windows operating system, of cource with $$$ (the license one).

This opensource Dharma-netcafe aims to help internet shop/cafe who have migrated to Linux and have not yet find the software for managing time billing.

And I choose Semar as the symbol of dharma-netcafe because of Semar and his sons ponokawan symbolizing the four good lessons from :
Guru (teacher) and knowledge
Examples of good leaders on other people
Own experiences
Divine inspirations

Indonesia Go Open Source

It is a national effort to strengthen national information technology system as well as to exploit global information technology development through utilization and exploitation of Open Source Software (OSS) . OSS Software where the source code (the language in which the program is written) is freely distributed, and it is developed, or improved through public collaboration.

Can be freely modified and developed over time
No discrimination against persons or groups
Can be as Operating System (Linux) or for application


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