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Patternshop is a powerful tool to create textures for fabric design for Mac or Windows systems

What is Patternshop? Patternshop is a powerful tool enabling the repetition of motifs and the organisation of networks.
Created by designers for designers, it functions in a simple and intuitive way.
Import your images into the software and they will repeat instantaneously, adjust proportions, while you arrange them and work in real time.
Preview your work in real time, export a high definition matched image, with the texture and dimensions you desire.

Detailed functionalities

    With Patternshop, you can organise the repetition of one or several images, simply and intuitively.
    Control the spacing between motifs, adjust their proportions and save hours of work: its patterning system lets you view the result in real time.
    Work with markers and point snapping for a precise result
    Create networks of motifs on several levels with tracing patterns. In this way you can create extremely complex images and even get a random output of your network of motifs:
    Import your own patterns. Map your network of motifs in the format of your choice, and thus view the final result.
    Export and print in high resolution.
    Find out who Patternshop is aimed at, and its applications.
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