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Vocaluxe is an open source singing game for Linux or Windows

About Vocaluxe  Vocaluxe is an open-source singalong game inspired by SingStarâ„¢ for Playstation® and UltraStar deluxe for PC/Mac. Sing along your favorite songs or compete against your friends and enemies and get to be the top player in the high score list! There are already a zillion song files out there, and in case your favorite song is not yet available, why don't you start creating it yourself and share it with the community?
 But customization doesn't stop with your personal song collection. Vocaluxe allows extensive theming and skinning, player profiles and avatars, background music customization. As you see, the sky is the limit in making it your game.

Second version released!  Dear Vocaluxe fans,     we've finished Vocaluxe v0.2 after 8 months of development. The new version has the following new features:     
  • Support for up to 6 microphones.
  • Medley mode
  •   Short Song mode (short version of a song)
  •   Playlists: Create, Save, Edit by keyboard or mouse (drag&drop). You can adjust the sing mode for each song of the playlist individually (normal, medley, duet, short song).
  •   Introduced popup controls. You can control the background music by a control panel that appears at the top border of the screen if you press "TAB" or reaches it by mouse. You can even start singing of the currently played background song.
  •   Webcam support:
  • Activating/deactivating with "W" in the sing screen.
  • You can use your WebCam to take profile pictures in the profile screen. Activate your camera before you start the program. If Vocaluxe detects the camera a button "Webcam" appears in the profile screen.
  • WiiMote support:
  • Vocaluxe supports the Wiimotion remote control from Nintendo. Connect it with your bluetooth connection manager and start Vocaluxe. If a Wiimote is recognized it will perform two short rumbles and the third LED will lighten up.
  • Improved keyboard navigation
  • Improved mouse navigation
  • Improved pitch recognition
  • You can specify the duet singer names in the song txt by #P1 and #P2. Afterwards you can assign that names to the players in die name selection screen.


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