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LDView is a cross platform Real-time 3D viewer for LDraw LEGO models

LDView is a real-time 3D viewer for displaying LDraw models using hardware-accellerated 3D graphics. It was written using OpenGL, so should be accellerated on any video card which provides full OpenGL 3D accelleration (so-called mini-drivers are not likely to work). It should also work on other video cards using OpenGL software rendering, albeit at a much slower speed. For information on LDraw, please visit, the centralized LDraw information site.

The program can read LDraw DAT files as well as MPD files. It then allows you to rotate the model around to any angle with the mouse. A fast computer or a video card with T&L support (Transform & Lighting) is strongly recommended for displaying complex models.


Ability to examine LDraw models from any angle in real time.
Able to automatically download the LDraw Parts Library, as well as check for and download updates to the library.
Able to automatically download missing unofficial parts for the Parts Tracker.
Able to generate a parts list HTML file from your model. (See example here.)
Primitive substitution option which produces higher-quality results while simultaneously improving performance.
Supports fullscreen rendering at any resolution supported by your monitor and video card.
Windows screensaver mode that spins selected models around while moving them around the screen.
Cut-away feature that allows you to look inside models.
Transparent pieces can be displayed using alpha blending.
Specular highlight option to draw models with a shiny look, so they look more like real LEGO.
Ability to use Type 5 line information in LDraw files to smooth shade curved surfaces.
High resolution printing support, to print the model using the current viewing angle.
Ability to take a PNG or BMP snapshot of the model using the current viewing angle. Supports snapshots up to 9999x9999.
"Cross-eyed" and "Wall-eyed" stereoscopic support, for those people who can focus on their monitor while crossing their eyes or staring off into the distance.
Native support for Full-Scene Antialiasing on video cards that support this via an OpenGL extension.
Lots of other options, to give you control over how the rendering looks.

Some things to note:

Large models can take relatively long to load, and use a fair amount of memory. (However, the 10300 Imperial Star Destroyer set, one of the largest sets ever produced by LEGO, can be loaded in under 70MB.)
While you can sort transparent pieces, this doesn't work correctly 100% of the time. This can cause pieces a long ways away to appear "on top" of closer pieces in some instances.
Colors which are not recognized are drawn in orange. It should however recognize all of the standard colors, as well as those used by LDLite and MLCad.
Read the Help.html file for more information, and instructions on how to use the program.


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