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If you're short on image files - you can download some of my image collections (for instance, about 3500 lp/cd covers or windows icon collection).

      Collection of 1700+ fauna theme post stamps

   Icon library

       Collection of 1500 russian magazine and tabloid covers.

       Collection of 3500+ different actor faces

   Collection of 3000+ amateur cat photos

   You can also download a picture collection of 3500 CD/LP covers (every pic is 64x64 pix) 7 x 700 Kb zip files

   free Xmas and New Year cards library of 2500+ images

   a video tapes cover library of 950 images (all 130x70 pix)

   Download the beer bottle label labrary of 1800 images (all about 64x64 pix)

A Total of 17 Files to Download: Software Santa Owns this!

A Software Santa Pick! Use as Icons - use as Clip Art

OR You can Use them in Free Mosaic Image Programs

Like AndreaMosaic or MacOSaiX! 

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