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Guerrilla Mail has Disposable Temporary E-Mail addresses and is an anti-spam weapon of choice!

Software Santa uses this and "Do Not Track Me" to anonymize email addresses.


Guerrilla Mail gives you a disposable email address. There is no need to register, simply visit Guerrilla Mail and a random address will be given. You can also choose your own address.

You can give your email address to whoever you do not trust. You can view the email on Guerrilla Mail, click on any confirmation link, then delete it. Any future spam sent to the disposable email will be zapped by Guerrilla Mail, never reaching your mail box, keeping your mail box safe and clean.

Privacy, your data and your rights

You retain all copyrights to your data all times. Guerrilla Mail acts as Software Service Provider, granting you a license for the use of the software provided by our website. Your rights to the license are bound by the terms. Breaching any of the terms, or abusing our service, may result, without notice or specific reason, in immediate termination of the license and deletion of your data. The license is non-transferable, subject to change, and Guerrilla Mail has the right to change or revoke licenses at any time.

See the 'Privacy' section in the About Us section for more details about how your data is used

By using the software and services provided Guerrilla Mail, you agree to be bound by the terms, conditions and notices contained herein.

Generally, this service prohibits:

    Over-use our resources by repeatedly making many requests to our servers
    Reverse engineer, circumvent or attack our website for the purpose of gaining unauthorised privileges
    Use of our service for purposes other than intended

This service prohibits sending of messages, that:

    are unsolicited commercial email (spam)
    are harassing, abusive, defamatory, obscene, in bad faith, unethical or otherwise illegal content
    distribute trojans, viruses or other malicious computer software
    are intending to commit fraud, impersonating other persons, phishing, scams, or related crime
    distribute intellectual property without ownership or a license to distribute such property
    breach, in any way, the terms of service, privacy policy or rules of this web site or the recipients'

Copyright violations, complaints or abuse reports should be reported to us via our feedback systems described in the About Us sections.


For content with links to third party resources, Guerrilla Mail has no control over third party resources and is not responsible or liable for their content or services offered. Guerrilla Mail has no control over and not responsible for any content of email messages, including their attachments: Caveat Emptor!

Additionally, the following header will be added to outgoing email: X-Originating-IP:[]

Please see the FAQ below for more details about how our temporary email works.

Press & Media
GuerrillaMail has been featured / mentioned in a variety of blogs and publications, including Reader's Digest, Life Hacker,, PC Magazine, PC World (Danish), and many others.

Please use the Feedback widget to contact us (English). Please note that we cannot always reply - although we do our best. Other ways to interact with our team is through Twitter / Facebook.

Q: How can I view the spam folder?
There is no spam folder / spam box. All emails that arrive at Guerrilla Mail are delivered to your inbox. If an email didn't arrive, it's most likely a problem on the other side, unless we're having a bad day... If you are a webmaster, Guerrilla Mail can also be used to test if your site sends the emails out correctly.

Q: What is an Alias Address?
Since Guerrilla Mail doesn't require account registration, anyone who knows the Inbox ID may have access to that inbox. So it's best to use a random address. To add protection, you can use the Alias Address feature. An Alias Address can only be know if the Inbox ID is known and you cannot use an Alias as an Inbox Id. The more hard-to-guess your Inbox ID is, the better your Alias will protect you.

Q: Do email addresses expire?
The current version keeps all incoming email for 1 hour. This means all addresses work all the time, they never expire.
 When an email arrives at Guerrilla Mail, it waits in the quarantine ready to be picked up. If a user checks their inbox, Guerrilla Mail will check the quarantine for new email. If found, the email will be instantly moved to the user's inbox. Else, emails will be deleted from the quarantine if they wait there for longer than one hour.
 Once the email is in an inbox, it will be given 1 hour more, or until the user deletes it.
Emails that were never delivered to an active inbox are marked abandoned and are most likely spam.
 (The older version of Guerrilla Mail expired the address after 1 hour and bounced any inactive addresses.)

Guerrilla Mail deletes all email that was delivered to an inbox after 1 hour. Logs are deleted after 24 hours.
Emails delivered to an inbox are treated with the most privacy, however, please note that anyone who knows your Inbox ID may access your inbox. Using an Alias Address will further protect your privacy. Please see the FAQ for further information.

This site uses a session cookie to maintain application state. Other cookies may be used to remember your preferences. It also uses third-party cookies including Google Analytics and Google Adsense.

We may use anonymized email data for further anti-spam, anti-malware or anti-phishing research. Only email data that is obvious spam is used for this research.

Our website can only be accessed with HTTPS encryption

Our Technology
Guerrilla Mail consists of a web server (Nginx), a database server (MySQL) and a Mail Server (Guerrilla SMTPd). The design goal and purpose of Guerrilla SMTPd is to receive large volumes of email and nothing much else (besides doing only the most basic verification). It happily gobbles down millions of emails daily. Guerrilla SMTPd is an open source project available from GitHub. If you do invite Guerrilla SMTPd to your system, please remember to feed it with lots of spam, spam is what it likes best!

The front-end parts of the website are written in PHP and JavaScript. We make heavy use of jQuery in our JavaScript code, and it is written in such a way that it will default to a HTML version if JavaScript isn't available. We also have an API. Actually, our front-end uses this API for everything on this site.

Finally, our hosting changes from time to time, but we like to use Linux.
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