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Astrobounce is a "survival" based game featuring a constantly bouncing ball.


A ball bounces up and down and by moving the mouse left or right you can make the ball go left and right and that's about all you can do?

Easy? Boring? Think again!

The object is to gather stars to advance in the game, but as you advance deadly obstacles will appear that you have to avoid. The game starts easy, but it will get harder and harder as you progress. There are bonuses multiplying your scores, but this can be undone so easily.

AstroBounce is a very addictive game. Simple rules, but very challenging.

Game rules This game is a "survival" based game. Try to survive as long as you can gaining as much points as you can. Each time you "die" you lose a life, when you "die" when you are out of lives the game is over.
 All you need to do for this game is MOVE the mouse, you don't need to press any key, not even the mouse buttons. The ball bounces and you have no control over going up and down, only over moving it left or right. When you touch a star you score 5 points and 1 target is removed from the target counter. As soon as the target counter reached 0, you'll advance to the next stage in which the game will be harder, but might also offer possibilities to score more points.
 As soon as you reach the second stage obstacles that destroy the ball upon touch may appear, you need to avoid those. Random bonuses and multipliers will also be available over time.  These are the parts that can make the game really interesting as proper usage of these can make you score quicker or cause you trouble. You need to plan cleverly or dare to risk.
 Below is an overview of all targets
"Friendly" targets
StarThis is the basic target. Picking it up counts for 5 points and 1 target down (both multiplied by the current multiplier value)
cherryThis target moves over the screen. Picking it up counts for 25 points and 1 target down (Both multiplied by the current multiplier value)
These targets will increase or decrease the bonus multiplier. Anything (except 1x) is temporary
Do you know?Anything can happen when you pick these up. Mostly the result will help you, but sometimes it can bother you. It can give you a random ammount of points (influenced by the multiplier) or it can start a "God Mode" (invulnerability), "Crush Mode" (Enabling you to destroy enemy targets by touching them), "Float Mode" (ball doesn't move up and down any more). The multiplier can also be influenced by this. But a few more things can happen.
"Hostile" targets
These appear randomly and won't move, but if you are lucky they can disappear. In the lower stages you may have only one or two of these, but as the stage number goes up, the amount of these will increase, so they are not so easy to avoid as you think.
From the sides of the screen these can appear and go in a straight line to the other side. They only go from left to right or vice versa, never diagonally or vertically.
These can appear in a level and then move around randomly. Watch out for these as they can really make your life difficult.
They are small but despite that (or maybe BECAUSE of it) very dangerous. They come from the top of the screen and go down at random speed. They do follow the ball slowly which makes that you need to plan ahead to avoid these. When you do that succesfully you score 10 points and you score a target.


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