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FreeDOS is a free DOS-compatible operating system
« on: August 19, 2013, 05:26:33 AM »
FreeDOS is a free DOS-compatible operating system.

Software Santa's note: If you just want to try it out and play a few old DOS games with it FIRST (and not have to install it on some antique hardware) ... a copy of FreeDOS AND a copy of some old DOS games Come Along With a downloaded copy of JPC! When you boot your
JPC: you'll find FreeDOS available from the Disk Image menu!

Description  FreeDOS is a free DOS-compatible operating system for IBM-PC compatible systems. FreeDOS is made of up many different, separate programs that act as packages to the overall FreeDOS Project. FreeDOS is distributed under the GNU GPL.
BASEThe base projects for the FreeDOS Project, the programs that reproduce the functionality of MS-DOS.
BOOTVarious boot managers and boot logos for use with FreeDOS.
DEVELCompilers, assemblers, and development tools that are distributed with FreeDOS.
EDITUnofficial editors that are used with FreeDOS.
GUIGraphical user interfaces for DOS.
NETNetwork access, including PPP, browsers, email, etc.
SOUNDVarious utilities to play and manage sound files.
UTILUtilities and extensions that are associated with FreeDOS.
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