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JPC - The Java PC - is a pure Java emulation of an x86 PC hardware written in Cross-Platform JAVA 6 software!

Software Santa note: JPC has some incredible LIVE DOS Games, that instantly run right in your browser, already set up and running with Java PC: so you can SEE how well this works!!!

JPC is the fast pure Javaâ„¢ x86 PC emulator

JPC is a pure Java emulation of an x86 PC hardware in software JPC creates a virtual computer upon which you can install your favorite operating system in a safe, flexible and powerful way. It aims to give you complete control over your favorite PC software's execution environment, whatever your real hardware or operating system, and JPC's multi-layered security makes it the safest solution for running the most dangerous software in quarantine - ideal for protecting your machine from malicious or unstable software.

   JPC is pure java software and is therefore able to run on almost any device and with almost any operating system. Try out the demos
now, and if you don't have Java installed you can get it for free from Sun here.


   JPC comes with the assured security of being run entirely within the Java sandbox. This means that the emulated hardware is completely isolated from the underlying hardware and cannot damage or interfere with it in any way.


   With JPC, you have complete configuration control with virtual peripherals and software libraries. And if you mess up, you only mess up your virtual PC.  Just delete your disk images and start again.

 As an added bonus, JPC gives you a few handy side effects:

    Return to childhood and play your favorite DOS games
    Take your computer with you on your mobile phone
    Run a million identical virtual PC's on a million different devices

Preserving our Digital Heritage 
Computer hardware advances at an exponential rate and old hardware rapidly becomes unavailable. Old software which was designed to run with outdated hardware runs a risk of being lost to history. With JPC the x86 hardware is frozen in time, providing access to old software and its functionality without the need to constantly source physical components to keep old machines functioning.
In fact researchers interested in old software can interact with it via a web interface, using the JPC applet, thus providing an extremely flexible research platform.

A key European digial archiving project called planets is being led by the National Archive of the Netherlands, and a central plank of that work is the Dioscuri PC emulator. In fact we were pleased when Dioscuri chose, in 2007, to embed the JPC memory and processor emulation rather than rebuild their own. JPC forms the core of Dioscuri to this day.

The latest version of JPC represents a powerful archival tool in its own right, in fact JPC is already being used by websites for old DOS games
 effectively online digital archives of classic software from a bygone era:
For more information please contact us.

Application Delivery over the Web 
JPC is the ideal vehicle for preparing and delivering x86 applications as services over the Web, as shown on the demonstration page. Two new features in JPC make this easy:

    Snapshot JPC can be frozen and the entire guest OS and application software saved to disk - just like the "hibernate" feature of many laptops. The software can then be jump-started at a remote location, taking the user directly to where they need to be rather than waiting for a virtual machine to load and "boot".
    Remote HDD The virtual hard disks can be resident on a remote server (any HTTP 1.1 compliant server will do) and JPC will read sectors of the disk over the network on demand. The guest OS and application software are unaware of this - they still think they're on a real PC with potentially multi-gigabyte HDD attached.

Importantly, JPC makes software which was never designed to be delivered over the web suddenly as flexible as any web application. The flexibily of emulation together with the inherent web-friendliness of Java makes JPC an ideal combination of technologies for SAAS
For more information please contact us.

Mobile Enabled Software
Mobile devices contain fundamentally different hardware to an x86 PC, but they all run Java! JPC makes it possible to take legacy software, particularly DOS applications, and run them on handheld devices without the need to rewrite them.
For example below JPC has booted original FreeDOS and started the orginal Mario Bros game. The software thinks it's got a Pentium II processor and floppy drive when in fact its running on a Nokia N95 mobile phone with an ARM 11 cpu and Flash memory!
Thin Clients 
Mobile business needs freedom but maintaining data integrity, security and backups becomes increasingly complex as an organisation grows. Centralising data on servers and letting users access hosted PCs via "dumb" terminals is one popular solution, but its scale is limited to the server's ability to manage parallel sessions.

 With more powerful devices like netbooks/UMPCs, JPC can run the processor intensive work on the mobile device, and the server need only send and receive data when required. A single server can therefore support many more users in parallel, and as data state is easy to replicate to secondary systems the entire mobile workforce can be provided with a "hot" fail-over. This backup server could be in a completely different datacentre if necessary, and so JPC could provide a key component to ultimate disaster recovery.
For more information please contact us.
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