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Kiwix (Offline Wikipedia) Potentially gives you the whole Wikipedia content in your Android device!

   Wonderful! 10gb of my 32 gb sd card to have the entire wikipedia offline?! Yes please! Can't complain about that! There are smaller options, but that one fit my needs.     Timothy Easley             

Waleed Majed avatar image        Amazing app .. And after the update that pesky distracting zooming icon is optional .. I love it :)))     Waleed Majed           

 Description   The whole Wikipedia content in your device!Kiwix is an offline content reader which can be used for Wikipedia as well as other contents (Ubuntu documentation, WikiLeaks, WikiSource, etc).
Once you have downloaded the content file (potentially very large), you don't need any connection to use it.
Kiwix is a lightweight software reading ZIM files which you download and store on your device or external storage (SD card).
Please check the instructions inside the App or on the website to learn more about available contents.
Note: Kiwix is also available on regular computers (Windows, Mac, Linux).


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