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The Free Dictionary Project is in 60 Languages and has other important language reference resources

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Universal dictionary
 Dictionary system interconnecting more than 60 world languages.
English dictionary
 Dictionary allows you to look up English words in several English dictionaries at once.
Basic vocabulary
 Basic vocabulary of about 2000 basic meanings organized into topics like time, animals, family, house etc.
Picture dictionary
 Dictionary contains more than 2500 illustrations with translations in more than 50 languages.
English thesaurus
 Thesaurus allows you to look up English words in several databases of synonyms.
 This encyclopedia contains several hundred thematic groups of keywords in many world languages.
Bilingual dictionaries
 List of all available bilingual dictionaries. Dictionaries are grouped by language.
Examples of use
 Database of example sentences for several languages. Shows you how to properly use words in sentences. 
Specialty resources
 Collection of resources related to terminologies for fields like for example biology, finance, etc.
Mobile phones
 Java dictionary applications for mobile phones and PDAs supporting Java.
Download dictionaries
 Collection of links to pages with freely downloadable dictionaries for many languages.
Dictionary applications
 List of dictionary applications that can be used to look up words offline.
Topical dictionary
 Dictionaries containing topical lists of translations. Like math, biology translations etc.
 Sets of terms related to particular activities for example: business, physics, ecology, sports etc.
Vocabulary trainer
 A simple game that allows you to test your knowledge and learn new words.
 Phrases module allows you to quickly look up basic phrases. Phrases are divided into topics.
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