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Credit Karma dot Com lets You Get Your Credit Score Absolutely Free.  (Software Santa checked HIS no strings attached.)

  Credit Karma Gives You The Tools You Need For Better Credit Health      Get Your Free Credit Score Credit Karma believes that every consumer has a right to access their free credit scores
. You'll get four credit scores along with free credit tools to help you better understand what a good credit score is. Even better, you'll receive your free credit score without a credit card.
        Get Your Free Credit Report Card The totally free Credit Report Card
is an easy-to-understand summary of your credit report details. Use the Credit Report Card to gain a better understanding of your credit history
and how it impacts your credit health.
        Enroll in Free Credit Monitoring Credit monitoring can help prevent identity theft and inaccurate information from appearing on your credit report. You'll receive an email when something important changes in your credit report. Monitor your credit report daily for free with Credit Karma.
        Gain Insight into Your Credit Report Along with your free score, you'll see important details of your credit report for free. In addition to your free Credit Report Card
, you can view the details on your individual credit cards, mortgages, auto loans and personal loans. You can use this section to spot any fraudulent or mistaken accounts on your credit report, maintain a record of your reported balance history, keep tabs on your credit card utilization rate, and receive recommendations for new loans and credit cards.
        Receive Savings Recommendations Based on Your Credit Score Get specialized recommendations for products that fit your credit profile. If you have good credit, we'll give you suggestions for credit cards for good credit
before you apply for a credit card
. If you have poor credit, we'll help you figure out how to improve your credit
. We'll also suggest balance transfer credit cards
to help you pay back your credit card debt. You'll receive the best credit card
and loan recommendations for your specific credit rating.
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