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Udacity lets you Advance Your Education With Free College Courses Online!

(Software Santa saw this web site mentioned on Nightly Business Report and seconds later was adding it to the list. Presents are where you find them.)

What is Udacity?   Udacity is the future of online higher education. We offer accessible, affordable, engaging classes that anyone can take, anytime. To learn more about our mission, please visit About Us.
  How to use Udacity?     Sign up. 
 Sign up for a Udacity account and start taking classes for free. It's that simple.    Make progress. 
 Track your progress and manage your courses in My Courses.    Earn a certificate! 
 As soon as you've finished the course, you will earn a certificate of completion along with new skills and bragging rights.    Who is Udacity for?     High school students 
 If you're a high school student looking to get ahead before going to college, you will have the chance to take college- level courses and become truly college ready. We have options to earn college credit and you will also have a chance to take subjects not offered at your school.    College student 
 If you're a college student looking for an affordable, engaging alternative, you now have access to lower cost and high quality college courses. In many instances, we offer options for college credit and may offer courses your school doesn't even have.    Professionals 
 If you're a professional looking to update your skills or shift careers, you can learn modern technologies and skills with the most up-to-date curriculum from great teachers who are passionate about their subjects.    If you're curious, view our course catalog. You will learn, think and do new things!   Why Udacity?     Learn by doing. 
 Learn by doing
 Highly interactive, project-based exercises    New instruction 
 The lecture is dead
Bite-sized videos make learning fun    Fantastic teachers 
 Awesome instructors
Industry experts and passionate educators      Real examples 
 Real world examples
Always learn in context, plus get virtual "field trips"    Community 
 Active community
Forums and meetups with curious, engaged peers to support learning    Certificates 
 Academic and career advancement
Certificates of completion to show what you know   

Advance your career in tech Browse our courses Sign up    Head     Master Relevant Skills Build a search engine, program a robotic car, or launch your own startup with project-based courses. Learn skills taught by experts from industry and academia that are relevant to 21st century employment needs.
Explore Our Courses
     Find skills to master Find skills to master        Free and Accessible      Free & Accessible All our courses are FREE! Take classes anytime, anywhere, at at your own pace. In some cases, you can get college credit or a degree for a modest fee.
   Fun & Inspiring Courses The days of sleep-inducing lectures are a thing of the past. Bite-sized videos and frequent knowledge checks keep you engaged and learning effectively.
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