Author Topic: foo-yc20 is a YC-20 organ emulation (requires JACK) LV2/VST Plugin or standalone  (Read 2101 times)

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foo-yc20 is a YC-20 organ emulation (requires JACK) LV2 or VST Plugin / or standalone. Linux or Windows or Mac OS X

The YC-20 is a divide-down combo organ designed in the late 60's. This emulation faithfully copies the features, sounds and flaws of the original organ. Version 1.3.0 released on January 28th 2011This release brings forth Windows and OS X VSTi plugins with the proper GUI. There are no changes to the Linux release except for some gui code refactoring.
Thanks to all the testers and Robin Gareus for all the work on the OS X release, especially for the VSTi. Features:
  • Physical modelling, no polyphony restrictions
  • 61 keys
  • Two main voice sections
  • Switchable bass section
  • A realism control to add flaws found in the real organ
  • Takes quite a bit of CPU power
  • No touch vibrato
The emulation is written in Faust. The standalone application uses Jack for audio and MIDI and is available for Linux Windows and OS X. There is a LV2 plugin for Linux and a VST for OS X and Windows.


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