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The Schaffer Library of Drug Policy has collected the BEST studies of Drugs and Drug Policy!

Maybe you should read up on some FACTS before making conclusions? Or does the media tell you what to think about "Drugs"?

Library Resources

    Major Studies of Drugs and Drug Policy
        More Studies of Drugs and Drug Policy
    Basic Information on the War on Drugs
        Basic Facts About the War on Drugs
        Frequently Asked Questions
        Charts and Graphs of Drug War Statistics
    Government Publications Related to Drug Policy
        General Accounting Office Publications related to Drug Policy
    Historical Research
    on drugs and drug policy.
    The Drug Legalization Debate
    - Opinions, arguments, and debate manuals.
        The Opinion Page
        - A collection of opinion pieces on the War on Drugs
    Miscellaneous Statements on Drug Policy
        Other Publications related to drug policy
        Sentencing Project Reports
        The DARE Program
        - multiple documents on DARE
    The Web Log of Dr. Tom O'Connell
    Comments by a leading expert on medical marijuana
    Media Articles
    related to drug policy
    Special Collections
    - Papers from the private collections of prominent people
    Drug Law Library
    - Treaties, laws, regulations, and court cases regarding drugs and drug policy
    Kids and Drugs
    - References on the problems related to drug use among children
    Think For Yourself - Drug Policy Reading Room
    - Maintained in memory of Jim Rosenfield.

    Druglibrary Drug Abuse and Treatment Resource List
    Cocaine and related drugs
    Hemp (Marijuana)
        New! -- The Reefer Madness Collection
        New! -- Medical Marijuana Throughout History
        Historical Information
            Marihuana Tax Act of 1937
        General Hemp/Marijuana Information
            A Fiscal Analysis of Marijuana Decriminalization
        Medical Information
            Oakland Cannabis Buyer's Cooperative
            - Legal papers from the Federal lawsuit to close the Cooperative
        Cannabis Research Library
        - Medical Research on Cannabis
        Other Hemp/Marijuana Links of Interest
    Heroin and the opiates
        Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Heroin, Morphine, and the Opiates
    The Psychedelic Library
    - LSD and the psychedelics

Information for Drug Policy Reform Activists
  - Debate manuals, strategy, and what you can do to help promote drug policy reform.

    What is DRCNet?
    - The main page of the Drug Reform Coordination Network
    ASAP - American Society for Action on Pain
    Pain patients and others working for the right to adequate pain medication.

A Response to the DEA

 A complete duplicate of the web site of the Drug Enforcement Administration, complete with a point by point response.
General and Entertainment
Some ha-has to brighten your day.
Carl Olsen's Marijuana Archive -
A duplicate copy of the web site of one of America's leading reform activists.
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