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Natural Worlds: relax to soothing nature sounds on your Mac X 10.3 or Later

Product Description:
Universal height=82 Universal height=82
Natural Worlds is a simple application which allows you to play nature sounds through your Mac.
 After launching Natural Worlds, you will be immersed in:
 a bird sanctuary, a thunderstorm, a night-time forest with crickets and owls or anything else you can imagine!
Natural Worlds has a built-in world editor allowing you to modify or create your own unique worlds.
 You can add up to 50 environment sounds to each world. (If that's not enough, let me know).
 To help eliminate repetition, environment sounds can be grouped together so only one sound within each group
 plays at one time (think of a group as one "meta-sound" with different variations within it).
 After you've created your world, please contribute it to the list below for everyone to enjoy!
 NOTE: You no longer need to provide the web space to host your file. You can upload your file to this website. [/q][/t]   
  The 10 Most Recent Worlds Contributed:
 View the full list
     Contribute your World to this list [/t]  Report a Bad Link     
  [/t] Date Added     World     Size     Description     Author     Rating   
  [/t] April 21, 2013
18 KB
not yet rated   
  [/t] November 11, 2012
Summer Crickets
21.1 MB
Maryland, USA on a peaceful August evening
Alden Phelps
  [/t] September 18, 2011
Boundary Waters
11.2 MB
Sounds reminiscent of the BWCA
  [/t] June 28, 2011
Jungle Drums
11.5 MB
African Jungle-Drums at the Rainforest
Thomas A. Zackl
  [/t] June 28, 2011
Frogs at the pond
19.9 MB
24 different frogs at a pond
Thomas A. Zackl
  [/t] October 29, 2008
Magic Fountain
15.3 MB
Magic Fountain & Chimes: Meditative & Relaxing
  [/t] October 28, 2008
North Sea Waves
6.8 MB
Simple & Relaxing
  [/t] September 27, 2008
Quiet Rain
11.2 MB
Quiet rain at night as you sit in front of your desk with a warm cup of tea!
Simply Silence
  [/t] September 17, 2008
Amazon Forest
20 MB
A Walk in the Rainforest
  [/t] September 17, 2008   Nightingale Forest   22.9 MB   Early morning in the forest.   Srdjan   4.0 

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