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ProcessMaker Open Source is recommended for Developers working in non-mission critical environments

ProcessMaker is the leading Open Source Business Process Management (BPM) and Workflow Suite.  Design, Run, Report, and Improve your processes all in an easy-to-use web interface. Software Santa's Note: This is BEST Used for Businesses or Organizations that have an Intranet or a Web Server with PHP available to them. If you wish to install it on a single computer and run it "locally" from the Web Browser of Choice on that one computer you must go get and install XAMPP on that computer first.
The ProcessMaker Community Edition is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3 and is available for free download.
To get the most out of your ProcessMaker Community Edition, please review our online manuals (wiki), online forums, and online online video tutorial series.   

ProcessMaker Open Source - For Small Deployments and Evaluations
  • 100% open source source, 95% of source code written by ProcessMaker development team
  • Free, downloadable version of ProcessMaker workflow software
  • Supported by active community of open source developers and business users
  • Web-based, form-driven processes
  • Graphical, drag-and-drop workflow maps
ProcessMaker Open Source BPM underlines Colosa's continued R&D investment to develop and deliver the most economical business process management (BPM) solution on the market today. Many types of small to mid-sized organizations, business units, and departments are running their approval-based processes on ProcessMaker Open Source BPM.

  • Process Map Designer
  • Dynaform Builder
  • Output Document Builder
  • Business Rules Engines
  • Web Services API Trigger Builder
  • Advanced Debugger
  • User Management
  • Cases Inbox
  • Document Management
  • Case Notes


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