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Subsonic is a free, cross-platform, web-based media streamer written in JAVA

Welcome to Subsonic!

    Enjoy your music and movies no matter where you are. Share with family and friends.
    Browse and manage your media collection with the user-friendly web interface.
    Stream music to Android
    , iPhone
    and Windows Phone
    Subsonic apps
    available for Roku, BlackBerry and many more.

    Convert and stream lossless music on the fly.
    Manage 100,000+ files in your music collection without hassle.
    Download and listen to Podcasts.
    Get cover art, lyrics, reviews and other album info from Google, Chartlyrics
    , allmusic and Wikipedia.
    Plus much more...

What is Subsonic?    Subsonic is a free, web-based media streamer, providing ubiquitous access to your music. Use it to share your music with friends, or to listen to your own music while at work. You can stream to multiple players simultaneously, for instance to one player in your kitchen and another in your living room.


Subsonic is designed to handle very large music collections (hundreds of gigabytes). Although optimized for MP3 streaming, it works for any audio or video format that can stream over HTTP, for instance AAC and OGG. By using transcoder plug-ins
, Subsonic supports on-the-fly conversion and streaming of virtually any audio format, including WMA, FLAC, APE, Musepack, WavPack and Shorten.
 If you have constrained bandwidth, you may set an upper limit for the bitrate of the music streams. Subsonic will then automatically resample the music to a suitable bitrate.
 In addition to being a streaming media server, Subsonic works very well as a local jukebox. The intuitive web interface, as well as search and index facilities, are optimized for efficient browsing through large media libraries.  Subsonic also comes with an integrated Podcast receiver, with many of the same features as you find in iTunes.
 Based on Java technology, Subsonic runs on most platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix variants.
 GPL  Subsonic is open-source software licensed under GPL

About     Subsonic is developed by Sindre Mehus. I live in Oslo, Norway and work as a Java software consultant.
 If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for improvements, please visit the Subsonic Forum
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