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SU1X is a Native Supplicant configuration for 802.1x Wireless/Wired Networks

SU1X - Native Supplicant configuration for 802.1x Wireless/Wired Networks
 About SU1X SU1X is software designed to help users of enterprise wireless/wired networks easily and quickly configure thier devices native supplicants to connect them securely to a enterprise network. In academia, this is usualy the Eduroam wireless/wired network. SU1X is open source software written by Gareth Ayres of Swansea University.
 SU1X in use at Swansea
 SU1X Windows Tool Features
  • Automation of configuration of a PEAP wireless connection on XP(SP3),Vista and Win 7
  • Automation of configuration of a wired 802.1X port on XP(SP3),Vita and Win 7
  • Capture of configuration details of operational reference client on network
  • Independent configuration of any 802.1X settings prior to distribution
  • Can set EAP credentials without additional user interaction (avoids tooltip bubble in Windows)
  • Interception of failed re-auths, so tool is run in place of windows supplicant gui.
  • NSIS installer comes ready to be rebuilt for easy distrbution of the tool to users.
  • Support checks over web to custom scripts. ie username format check. registration check.
  • Support problem notification system with system info to aid front line support
  • Install and connection of a fallback wireless network for use for reporting problems and checks
  • Configuration of automatic or manual proxy server settings for IE/Chrome and Firefox
  • Removal of first time connection 'setup' SSID and up to 2 further legacy profiles
  • SSID removal and priority setting
  • Option to turn on NAP/SoH
  • Automatic connection of Secure SSID
  • Popup with instructions and hints on how to connect and fill in username
  • Support for Windows XP (SP3), Vista, Windows 7
  • Server certificate installation (silently)
  • WPA2 support check: Tool tries to apply a profile (WPA2 profile) and if client adapter does not support profile (no WPA2 support) will apply a fall back profile (WPA/TKIP)
  • Tool checks for third part supplicants and if found alerts users
  • Sets Windows supplicant to automatic and starts it
  • Support tab: (checks: adapter, wzc service, profile presence, IP)
  • Outputs check results to user with tooltip and/or to file
  • Printer tab to add/remove networked printer

 Description  This is a tool designed to automatically configure Windows XP/Vista/Win7 clients easily for use on a wired and wireless network. Designed with mass deployment and easy customisation in mind. Originally designed for a academic environment

  • winxp, win7, vista, win8 support
  • remove ssids
  • try wpa2 then fallback to wpa
  • add a certificate
  • Supplicant detection
  • adds user eap credentials silently
  • support checks and user assistance
  • debug support to file
  • add / remove network printer
  • turn on nap/soh
  • multiple profiles
  • Wired and Wireless 8021X Support
  • customisable GUI
  • silent mode
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