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File Explorer is a Cross Platform Java 6 based file explorer with EXTRA Features

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Java based file explorer. Tested with Mac OS X 10.5 and Windows XP.
Added features missing from Finder:
1)Editable Location bar.
2)Cut and Paste.
3)Paste merges folder contents.

New Features:
4) Queued file transfers.
5) Open folder in new window.


    Editable Location bar (Mac OS X finder does not have this)
    Cut and Paste files (Mac OS X Finder does not CUT)
    Paste Merges folders of the same name (Mac OS X Finder Replaces)
    Que File Transfers
    Right click create .DMG (Mac OS X only feature)
    Open folders in New Window or New Tab

FileExplorer Java based file explorer.
Taking the best features from Windows Explorer, Mac Finder, Firefox and adding some more. FileExplorer allows cursor based file browsing similar to Mac Finder, left cursor is up, with one folder selected right cursor will take you down in to that folder. Switching between showing/hiding hidden files is fast, a hassle on most other file browsers.
File sorting can be fully alphabetical (files and folders merged) Like Mac Finder, Files always on top or Folders always on top. Windows Explorer on the other hand will switch between file/folders on top depending on sort ascending or descending!
It allows you to cut and paste files on the Mac! The Cut/Copy & Paste is merged like windows explorer, not overwritten like Mac finder (Finder on OS X Lion has changed to this type of behavior).
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