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Personal Renamer is a File renamer Folder monitor All in one for Windows Systems

  Description  Renames files just about any way you like. Monitor folders for files and auto rename(Have program rename images when downloaded). Undo, Save settings, Imageview,Drag-drop, and more. Service program included (monitor and rename files while logged out)
 Personal Renamer - Easy file renaming Web Site
  • Directory Monitor, Rename files and move, copy to different directory automatically.
  • Monitor and rename files in background or while logged out with the servicemonitor
  • Custom timer - Only renames files at the interval that you set.
  • Case conversion (FILENAME -->  filename).
  • Consecutive numbers and Letters. 1 2 3, AA AB AC or aa ab ac
  • Remove all numbers,letters,spaces and symbols(ž,},)  from filename.
  • Save rename settings, file lists, to INI file and reload them at any time.
  • Automatically load last settings when program starts up.
  • Rename file extensions. (.txt --> .log)
  • Change filename (Creation and Modified) dates
  • Drag and Drop files or folder from windows explorer for quick file loading.
  • View renamed Files and more in log.
  • View log. file information while monitor is running
  • Save log information to a specified file.
  • Customize colors, fonts, transparency and windowsize.
  • Open any directory in windows explorer directly from program
  • Easy to use directory tree view for faster folder searching and file loading
  • Easy and Quickrename feature renames files with 1 click and no questions asked.
  • Detail or Image View. View your photo's and name while renaming them
  • Trustworthy-Softpedia 100% Award, (No spyware,malware or viruses)
  • Filename trimming, ignore/keep specified number of characters from left or right of filename
  • Quickly change filenames to upper or lowercase
  • Easily change main file attributes, read-only, Hidden, System
  • Delete files and folders from your computer.
  • Undo your rename mistakes (more than once)
  • One of the coolest file re-namer's around

                                    Personal Renamer - Easy file renaming    Free - Open source software
                                                          More about the new Service Monitor     The service monitor control panel has been added to the original directory monitor dialog, which has also been improved.
 Here you can control the starting,stopping and pausing of the service as well as the interval that it will scan the desired directory and rename,copy or move the files. This dialog also gives you feedback on what files are in the source and destination directories.
 Unlike the original monitor you do not have to have this dialog , nor personal renamer to be open in order for the service to run. It will stay running when the program is shut down.

    1 comment:         Links to this post            Personal Renamer is available    Many have waited for this release, more specifically for the addition of the service monitor which has been added to the program in this release. Personal Renamer has always had the option to monitor a directory and rename files but with this latest addition users can have Personal Renamer monitor a directory invisibly the background, and more importantly while logged out. This is  a very powerful and useful addition. Other new features include Undo and the option to apply saved settings when program starts up.


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