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OpenRocket is a free, fully featured model rocket simulator written in Java


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OpenRocket is a free, fully featured model rocket simulator written in Java

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--- Quote ---OpenRocket is a free, fully featured model rocket simulator that allows you to design and simulate your rockets before actually building and flying them. The main features include:

* Six-degree-of-freedom flight simulation
* Automatic design optimization
* Realtime simulated altitude, velocity and acceleration display
* Staging and clustering support
* Cross-platform (Java-based) Read more about its features and see screenshots.
OpenRocket is an Open Source project licensed under the GNU GPL.  This means that the software is free to use for whatever purposes, and the source code is also available for studying and extending.
OpenRocket needs help to become even better.  Implementing features, writing documentation and creating example designs are just a few ways of helping.  If you are interested in helping make OpenRocket the best rocket simulator out there, please Get involved! General

* Fully cross-platform, written in Java
* Fully documented simulation methods
* Open Source, source code available under the GNU GPL User interface

* Easy-to-use user interface for rocket design
* Real-time view of CG and CP position
* Real-time flight altitude, velocity and acceleration information from a continuous simulation performed in the background
* Zoomable schematic view of rocket from the side or rear, with rotation around the center axis Design

* A multitude of available components to choose from
* Trapezoidal, elliptical and free-form fins supported
* Support for canted fins (roll stabilization)
* Staging and clustering support
* Automatic calculation of component mass and CG based on shape and density
* Ability to override mass and CG of components or stages separately Simulation and analysis

* Full six degree of freedom simulation
* Rocket stability computed using extended Barrowman method
* Automatic design optimization — you can optimize any number of rocket parameters for flight altitude, maximum velocity or a number of other values
* Realistic wind modeling
* Analysis of the effect of separate components on the stability, drag and roll characteristics of the rocket
* Fully configurable plotting, with various preset configurations
* Simulation data can be exported to CSV files for further analysis
* Simulation listeners allowing custom-made code to interact with the rocket during flight simulation Planned future features OpenRocket is under constant work in the free time of the developers.  You can have a sneak preview on what has been planned by checking the TODO-file in the SVN repository.
Below are a few major features that are under consideration:

* Aerodynamic computation using CFD (help needed!)
* Better support for supersonic simulation (help needed!)
* 3D view of the rocket design (help needed!)
* Printing and saving figures, simulation data and designs
* Support for ready-made component databases
* Customized support for hybrid rocket motors and water rockets
* Importing and plotting actual flight data from altimeters
* Rocket flight animation
* A "wizard" for creating new rocket designs
* More ideas are listed in the TODO-file!
--- End quote ---


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