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Tag: The Power of Paint is an award winning first-person shooter platformer puzzle game for Windows

Announcement: Tag Wins Best Student Game Award at the 2009 Independent Games Festival

Tag is an IGF-award-winning first-person puzzle game where every object in the game is paintable and different colors of paint give the player different powers. Using the different colors of paint, the player must paint their way to victory by using the different colors to solve the puzzles in each level.

About the Game

Genre: First-person shooter, puzzle, platformer
Year: 2007/08
Class: Junior
Awards: Selected for 2009 IGF Student Showcase

Tag delivers an innovative approach to multiple genres—platformer, puzzle, and first-person shooter—by allowing the player to manipulate the physical attributes of the game's environment using different colors of paint.

Key Game Mechanics

In this first-person shooter, players have one weapon: a large super-soaker loaded with a never-ending supply of paint. By traversing levels and solving puzzles, players gain access to additional paint colors. The player can then change the physics of the level as those colors are used to paint the surfaces of each level.

    Green paint jumps the player high and far depending on initial speed
    Red paint increases acceleration and top speed allowing the player to pull off a long jump
    Blue paint allows the player to stick to and walk on any surface
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