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CoinBox is the fastest paying bit coin faucet website: paying every 8 hours!

Software Santa got scammed by MoneyBox (and two other so called "Bitcoin Faucets"): so the VERY First Bitcoins (5605 Satoshi!) in his Bitcoin Wallet were accrued at ....

Money DOES Grow on Trees but TIME is the fertilizer it needs!

Quote BetaWe provide a system that allows websites to make micro bitcoin transactions. This way small transactions can be done after the 5430 restriction.
When a website sends you a small payment using our service, we save it in a temporal wallet. When your temporal wallet reaches a certain amount of money, you get paid normally to your bitcoin address. No blockchain spam.
Insert your bitcoin address here to check its pending payments:
Check »

Websites using CoinBox
⎈ is one of the top 5 paying sites![/font][/size][/font]
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