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SmartPropoPlus Turns your R/C transmitter into a Flight Simulator Joystick - flight simulator software NOT included!

Software Santa suggests  YS FLIGHT SIMULATOR is a cross platform fully featured flight simulator

CRRCSim is a cross-platform model-airplane flight simulation program 

or   Flight Gear is an Open Source FREE Flight Simulator! Windows / Mac OS X / LINUX

As your Flight Simulator of choice!

R/C Simulation with your own R/C Transmitter

  SmartPropoPlus was designed for the Remote Control (R/C) community. In enables you to use your own R/C transmitter (a.k.a. Controller) to control your simulator.

Using your transmitter, rather than a standard joystick,  gives you a more realistic simulating experience.
The transmitter hooks to your computer's audio input (e.g. Microphone socket) – you just have to buy or create a suitable cable.

SmartPropoPlus is compatible with most transmitters and runs on Windows 2000, Windows XP Vista and Windows 7.
SmartPropoPlus is free, open source software that is under constant development since 2006 and has thousands of users.

  Page Content 
     Advantages & Disadvantages
 And now...

 Advantages & disadvantages There are nowadays only two ways to connect to your computer, namely USB and Audio (e.g. Microphone). All other options such as Parallel, serial and games ports are now obsolete.

Most vendors offer to connect a controller to the USB port. SmartPropoPlus does not. SmartPropoPlus is the only way I know of to connect a controller via the computer audio input. SmartPropoPlus does not support USB.

Here is a table comparing between the typical USB solution and SmartPropoPlus:

USB Solution
Input socket
Audio (e.g. Microphone)
Required Software
Part of the solution
SmartPropoPlus   PPJoy/vJoy
Required Hardware
Special USB cable which is a part of the solution
Homemade cable
Only the price of the cable
In most cases, the cable will cost you between 50c to $8
Usually not your own transmitter
Your own transmitter
Most USB solution come with a basic controller. It will definitely have a different look & feel than your own transmitter
Good (PPM) to perfect (PCM)
If you have a PPM transmitter, SmartPropoPlus will give          you about 25 steps per stick which is good.
Not Plug-n-Play
You will have to spend a moment configuring SmartPropoPlus.



There are a few requirements that your system should meet. 
Make sure it does before starting:

 Computer: Operating System:   Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

Sound card with a microphone and/or Line-in input socket. (Mono or Stereo).

 Simulator: Any simulator that can be controlled from a joystick.
Specific support for FMS.

 Cable: Create or buy according to the Cables section

 Transmitter: Most transmitters will fulfill the following requirements:
Should be equipped with trainer socket

Supports one of the following modulation types:
  • Standard PPM (all types)
  • Walkera Non-standard PPM (Transmitters WK-24xx)
  • PCM (Walkera, JR, Futaba, Sanwa, Airtronics)
Note: Most 2.4GHz are standard PPM

Uses vJoy ...
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