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D-Box is a simple, yet powerful, multi-platform front-end for DosBox

D-Box is a simple, yet powerful front-end for DosBox. It provides a slick GUI that allows users to run games and applications through DosBox without writing any cryptic commands. It strives to be easy to use and not too complicated. D-Box is multi-platform, and supports all platforms that DosBox does. D-Box is open source. What's new in D-Box 2.3.
  Important: D-Box is a Java program! You'll need Java 1.5 or higher to run it. If you don't manage to run it, please go to and download it!

If you find any bugs, please post a bug report here.
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D-Box offers the most user-friendly way to enjoy old DOS application and games on your modern machine. By using DosBox as its back-end, combined with Java power, it provides the most compatible and capable emulating of MS-DOS on any modern operating system (Windows, MacOS X, Linux, BSD). Dust off your old floppies, and bring back the fun!

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