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QupZilla is an open source cross platform totally free browser based on Web Kit: for most OSes (Free BSD / Windows / Mac OS X / OS2 / and *NUX)

The .... slowest .... browser ... Software Santa ... has .... ever .... seeen!!!!!! It takes a minute to load this site!!!!!

Current Version
Current version is from 01.01.2014 and it is version 1.6.0. Changes in changelog.
Don't hesitate and download it right now! DOWNLOAD

You ever wanted to know what happened from that version to this?
You can find everything in changelog at github!

Report Issue
Did you find a bug or you only have a suggestion how to improve QupZilla?
Please open an issue at github issue tracker. Report now

QupZilla is modern web browser based on WebKit core and Qt Framework. WebKit guarantees fast browsing and Qt availability on all major platforms. WebKit & Qt

Native look'n'feel
QupZilla is using native widgets style on major Linux Desktop Environments. It is also using icons from the active desktop icon theme. If you find native themes too boring or have some problems with it, you can always switch to other themes.

Unified Library
QupZilla unifies bookmarks, history and rss reader in one well-arranged window. No more multiple windows, QupZilla uses just one!
With the integrated rss reader, you can stay up to date with your favourite sites. QupZilla can also import bookmarks from other browsers.

Integrated AdBlock
Are you bored of websites full of advertisements? Are they eating your bandwidth and time? The only thing you need with QupZilla is to update EasyList or maybe add your own rules and start browsing ad free.

Speed Dial
This popular extension is finally available for QupZilla users! You can now access your favourite pages as fast as you want on one page opened in new tab. Needless to say that it fully supports drag&drop and page thumbnail loading.

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