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Opera Mini is the fast and free alternative browser made for your mobile device

Faster, cheaper internet for all. Download Opera Mini, one of the world’s most popular mobile web browsers.
 Visit on your phone to download.       
  • Save time height=150 Save time Pages and tabs load faster with Opera Mini, even on slow connections.
  • Works on more phones height=150 Works on more phones Opera Mini is designed to work on all kinds of phones, all over the world.
  • Save money height=150 Save money On a prepaid data plan? Or in a place where the network is slow? Opera Mini uses up to 90% less data than other web browsers, giving you faster, cheaper internet.
  • Manage downloads height=150 Manage downloads Start, stop or resume downloads between browsing sessions with Opera Mini's download manager.
  • Stay informed height=254
  • Stay informed The Smart Page in Opera Mini delivers the news you follow around the world, along with the latest updates from your friends.
     Get your favorites faster See all of your top websites at a glance in the Speed Dial. Add as many site as you like!


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