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Scheme Maker lets you create cross-stitch and knitting schemes from images and photos: for Windows Systems

   NEW! The development of Scheme Maker web service is started!

Scheme Maker is an application designed to enable you to create cross-stitch and knitting schemes from images and photos.

While working with a scheme this tool will allow you:

    New! Select any part of the image for scheme to be created from;
    New! Determine the size of the scheme in cm, inches or cross-stitches;
    Detect color for every cell using some algorithms;
    Lessen the number of colors of the scheme in comparison with original image or photo;
    Choose one of the types of scheme: colored, colored with symbols, black and white with symbols;
    New! Get the key containing numbers of stranded thread needed (4 firms are available now), the amount of cross-stitches of each color and the approximate length of stranded thread, ordered by color, number or amount of every thread;
    Change the size of a cell on any step of image creating;
    Save scheme in several popular graphic formats, e.g. PNG, JPEG, etc.


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