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BlitzMax IDE is an Integrated Development Environment for the programming language BlitzMax made for Linux or Windows Systems

BlitzMax IDE - Community Edition This is the Community Edition of the BlitzMax IDE.  It is based on the official IDE supplied with BlitzMax by Blitz Research Limited (BRL).  It is entirely supported by the BlitzMax community.

 Additional Features
  • Auto-Complete
  • Auto-Tidy
  • Block Comment / Uncomment
  • Improved Code Tree
  • To-Do List
  • Bookmarks
  • Improved & Fully Customisable Keyboard Shortvuts
  • Integrated Version Control (CVS & SVN)
  • Improved Help
  • Improved Find / Replace
  • Improved Project Manager
Downloads You can download the latest version from here. Bug Reports / Feature Requests Please post any bug reports here and feature requests here. Contributing The main page can be found here.  Please contact Mark Tiffany if you wish to contribute.


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