Author Topic: Free File Renamer is a cross-platform file and folder mass renamer in Java  (Read 2318 times)

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Free File Renamer is a cross-platform file and folder mass renamer written in Java.

 Software Santa LOVES his Copy! A Software Santa Pick!  this filled a need!

A cross-platform file and folder mass renamer. Easy to use and to learn. Features: read new names from text files; insert, replace and remove strings; numbering; case-change; real-time preview; interactive tutorial; order files in different ways.

Renames files and directories
Read new names from text files
Insert, replace and remove strings
Insert numeric sequences
Change case and capitalize
Manage operations easily
Saves file names to a text file
Preview new names in real time
Change files order automatically or manually
Order files by name, date, size or extension
Learn and experiment with a interactive tutorial
Doesn't require installation
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